Bo (formerly “Swami Gyanmitra Prem Prasad”. Click here for name/identity explanation) has devoted his life to exploring, mastering, and sharing modalities of healing, attainment and liberation. Ever a student, he is currently in the Foundation for Shamanic Studies’ three year program of advanced initiations in shamanism and shamanic healing, and is pursuing a graduate degree in psychology.

His certifications and significant experience include:

  • Conscious Uncoupling (Katherine Woodward Thomas)
  • Breathwork (Pranayama Yoga with David Elliott)
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy (level 2)
  • NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (Pam Castillo)
  • Spiritual Community Crisis Management and Mediation (Mariana Caplan)
  • Constellation Healing (Gary Stuart, with deep bows to Hazel Williams-Carter and Vlado Ilic)
  • Over 2 decades as a devout bhakta in a rigorous guru yoga path
  • Breatharian initiation 2020 and numerous fasts, including 7 days dry and 12 day Darkroom retreat.

Bo is/has been mentored by Gangaji (Ramana Maharshi lineage), Patrick Harbula, Gage Gorman, Armand Bytton, Swami Kaleshwar/Shirdi Sai Baba, Sri Allen Feldman, and draws heavily from his lifetimes of apprenticeships with numerous ascended and descended Masters.

Furthermore, his work is influenced by deep immersions in Christianity, Buddhism, 12 steps, Psychotherapy (emphasizing transpersonal, trauma release [somatic and EMDR], and Enneagram), Psychedelics, Scientological Auditing, Shamanism, Hinduism (Advaita Vedanta, Neo-Tantra, Yogas, Sai Shakti healing), Men’s Work (Zat Baraka and Stephen Johnson), Human Awareness Institute (level 4), Nonviolent Communication, and PACT couples work.


Megan Taylor Morrison is a science journalist turned Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Meg works with teams, leaders and entrepreneurs across the world to pursue their goals while having as much fun as possible. By leveraging game psychology, building their support network, creating work-life balance, and cultivating deeper self-awareness, Meg’s clients reach next-level success. Meg works one-on-one with no more than six clients at a time, runs annual business mastermind groups, and heads her virtual coworking community. She has built a multi-six-figure business doing work she loves. Souls Enterprise has been collaborating with her on a wonderful online course “Retreat Success Secrets”. You can read more about her at

Magdalena Kosinska-Klaehn, PhD


Magdalena Kosinska-Klaehn, PhD is an CNVC Certified Trainer, Resonant Healing Coach, and Peaceful Parenting Instructor. She works with people who want to learn new ways to accompany themselves, bring warmth and peace to their lives, break the cycle of generational trauma, and bring collaborative, nonviolent consciousness to their families. She supports parents who want to build a safe foundation for a happy and peaceful life for themselves and their children. As the founder of Empathically Empowered, she offers workshops and one-on-one sessions. Her biggest dream is to live in a world where families are nurturing and empowering foundations, allowing children to emerge into adults who embody love, authenticity, and a deep sense of well-being.

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I’m honored to guide clients to a full body empowerment to carry out their mission. I legally changed my name to Yoga Premananda after an advanced training program in India. My name represents “the sacred union of love & bliss”. I’ve trained with several masters across lineages: The Hawaiian “immortal” Kahuna’s, a Hindu Avatar, Tao Master and The ArchAngels. It is my soul’s calling to practice these beautiful traditions and share natural healing and energy medicine with the world through my energy healing and coaching packages, holistic retreats and special VIP days.


There is no Souls Enterprise without your participation, insight, and realizations. Your unique gifts, understandings, and desires are welcome. For those that aren’t yet practitioners but desire to be of service in that way: after 1000 minutes of Transcendation, there is an eligibility to begin Facilitator Training.

One of Souls Enterprise’s highest values is collaboration. All of our events, sessions, and experiences are co-created. We are joyful to be exploring and expanding in connection, compassion and consciousness together with you.

“In just one meeting, I feel like I found my [spiritual] home. I can’t believe how much I can share with everyone here! I really miss you when I don’t attend.” ~ Anna, UK