Individual/Dyadic Transcendation

Our facilitators are available for private work. Unique, personalized guidance tailored to you and your soul’s needs and desires. The most important factor predicting the efficacy of your transformation is how resonant you are with your facilitators.
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Group Transcendation

7 August, 2022 10am – 11:30am Pacific Time

We expand in this unique process of healing, attainment and liberation; open to all. Registration required.

Group Transcendation is a shared synthesis of many transformational practices and methods, in addition to being a uniquely and divinely revealed modality. All is welcome. We progress through personal blocks in a group setting, uncovering hidden self-knowledge and gaining true clarity.

Transcendation begins with intention–the reason/motivation for our desire to transform. There is an undeniable power in stating our intentions aloud, in a safe, supportive environment. After our intentions are shared (and possibly clarified), we begin exploring. This can be at times exhilarating, terrifying, enthralling, monotonous, neutral, repetitive, glorious, and frequently: all of the above.

Souls Breathwork

Sunday, 21 August, 2022 10am – 11:30am Pacific Time
Whether you’re a Himalayan monk with lifetimes as a yogi, or if this is your first experience with this transformative modality, the power of Breathwork awaits you. In this time of isolation and distancing, it is especially potentiating to be working deeply with a gathering of like-minded, shift-oriented beings.

Certified in Pranayama Yoga, Prasad weaves in his deep dives into Holotropic, Wim Hof Method, and Re-birthing for a potent, organic experience.

Together, we will:

  • form a spiritual circle,
  • explore what’s alive for us,
  • intentionally breathe,
  • alter our consciousness,
  • relax, and
  • share.

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AMOS – A Meeting Of Souls

Join us! Bring your authenticity, vulnerability & openness, and together we’ll share and co-create an intimate setting for healing, attainment, and liberation (and everything else that serves us!). This informal gathering is to check-in, support, nurture and enjoy…

Let’s create something amazing…. A deep, loving Spiritual party.

Men’s Transcendation

Calling all Warriors, Lovers, Magicians, and Kings: let’s Sharpen our swords, Open our hearts, Alchemize powerfully, and Refine our edge in a circle of healthy masculinity.

Men’s Transcendation is Souls Enterprises’ unique men’s work: A spiritual gathering of brotherhood, a place to share the depths of ourselves and to transform, together.

Whether you’re brand new to the path and have just heard about Men’s Work, or if you’re a seasoned practitioner and learned scholar of “Iron John” & “Way of the Superior Man”, you are welcome: Gather with your tribe, and let’s up-level together. There is always more.

We will state our intentions, share deeply, and lean on and into each other for support, challenge, accountability, and growth.

Women’s Transcendation

Calling all goddesses, priestesses, witches, sorceresses, survivors & over-turners of the patriarchy! It’s time for the 21st century red tent experience: unifying and empowering each other in that holy place for divine feminine to be in tribe.

Women’s Transcendation is Souls Enterprises’ exclusive modality that invites Transcending + Celebration! While other circles focus on a topic or a one-way dialogue from the facilitator, Women’s Transcendation provides focused, mutual support to help us all get unstuck and have real, lasting results. All is welcome!

We set clear intentions, share deeply, and lean on and into each other for support, nurturing, and magick.

*Disclaimer: We are proponents of de-conditioning, striving to transcend all forms of identity. The use of “masculine” and “feminine” is a guide, not a strict rule. If you identify with other terms or none at all, you are welcome to attend!


Coming soon: Boundary Waters Canoe Trip, Summer 2023.
As the COVID situation comes to resolution, we very much look forward to being on group retreat with you.
Here is a video from Prasad’s first trip to this magical place.

Until then, as always, you are warmly invited to join us for a Personal Retreat:

There are few opportunities in this universe as powerful as spending extended, focused time with gifted transformation facilitator(s). Your experience is customized and will take your healing, journeying, and meditation to new levels. We’ll collaborate to design the experience perfect for your soul.

Contact us and let’s explore what’s possible.

“In just one meeting, I feel like I found my [spiritual] home. I can’t believe how much I can share with everyone here! I really miss you when I don’t attend.” Anna, UK