Although we attempt to move beyond structure, conceptualizations, and rigidity in any form, we acknowledge the utility of simplification and streamlining.

The following expressions (except MEST) came to Bo in meditation, and represent a framework for digesting some spiritual principles.

In the end we are working to transcend everything, and on our way there, we offer these pointers. Although not teachings per se, we share these as a springboard to contemplations and conversations.

Lastly, as you can see: we really love acronyms!

PICO = Preparation Invocation Consecration Organization
HUGGS = Humility Understanding Grace Gratitude Silence
MEST = Matter Energy Space Time
VPD = Victim Perpetrator Dynamic
TTT = Trauma To Triumph and The Tantra Triangles

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Relationship Equation is Relationship = Communication + Commitement

“In just one meeting, I feel like I found my [spiritual] home. I can’t believe how much I can share with everyone here! I really miss you when I don’t attend.” ~ Anna, UK