Group Transcendation

In Group Transcendation, we progress through personal blocks in a collective setting, uncovering hidden self-knowledge and gaining true clarity.

Transcendation is a synthesis of many transformational practices and methods, in addition to being a uniquely and divinely revealed modality. It begins with intention — the reason or motivation for our desire to transform. There is an undeniable power in stating our intentions aloud in a safe, supportive environment. After our intentions are shared (and possibly clarified), we begin exploring. This can be at times exhilarating, terrifying, enthralling, monotonous, neutral, repetitive, glorious, and frequently: all of the above.

Transcendation is composed of two parts: transcending (to rise above or go beyond) and celebration (participating in an uninhibited good time). Join Meg and Prasad, who together have decades of personal growth, coaching, and facilitation experience, for this profound opportunity of life-changing spiritual work.


Sep 06 2022


Pacific Time
9:00 am - 10:30 am



“In just one meeting, I feel like I found my [spiritual] home. I can’t believe how much I can share with everyone here! I really miss you when I don’t attend.” ~ Anna, UK