Constellation Event

Bo is collaborating with Jess Evans for a deep dive into this wonderful modality.

Systemic Organizational and Family Constellation Work was developed by psychotherapist and Jesuit priest Bert Hellinger. He studied Zulu tribal wisdom, and infused it with family systems therapy and psychodrama.

There are 2 “client” spots at each Constellation Event, who have a specific issue or intention they are focused on. Other workshop attendees have the opportunity to be a “representative” in the transformational field that gets generated. Everyone in attendance is a part of that field, which is almost guaranteed to provide some healing, growth, and/or clarity.

Constellation Work focuses on 3 main principals in any relating system.

1) Belonging (everyone and everything has a place)

2) Biological/Organizational order (hierarchical based on who came first)

3) The balance of give and take, adapting, and relating

When all 3 of these principles are active and stable, love can flow and the ability to live our destiny comes with ease. When there is a disruption happening in the current moment reality, the morphogenetic field of Constellation Work allows us to connect with hidden dynamics creating the interference. These hidden dynamics could stem from personal, transpersonal, and ancestral trauma. When someone is brave enough to look either through their mind’s eye or through the support of a group, there is a grace and an opportunity that opens up for acknowledgement to be had, belonging to be offered, order to return, and love to flow.

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Jan 27 2024


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Soul Vision Healing Center (Long Beach, CA

“In just one meeting, I feel like I found my [spiritual] home. I can’t believe how much I can share with everyone here! I really miss you when I don’t attend.” ~ Anna, UK