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We focus on insight, growth, and ever-expanding awareness to support your transformation and the expression of your authentic self in daily life. We believe this is freedom!

“Soul” is defined as ‘the spiritual part of humans’ and ‘the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans’; and “Enterprise” is defined as ‘a project undertaken or to be undertaken, especially one that is important or difficult or that requires boldness or energy’ and ‘boldness or readiness in undertaking; adventurous spirit; ingenuity’. Put together, we found this the perfect description of the spiritual path, and we intend to share it with you.

KarunaDera and Prasad and friends


A combination of two of our favorite words: Transcending (“exceeding; surpassing; rising above or going beyond”) and Celebration (“an event with ceremonies or festivities; to perform a religious ceremony; to have or participate in a party or uninhibited good time”). Transcendation was birthed 2016 in India, when Ascended Masters specified the path of Healing, Attainment, and Liberation to be shared for your transformation. On the practical side, it’s a synthesis of numerous modalities and lifetimes of seeking, seeing, and sharing.

We meet regularly for Group Transcendation, Men’s Transcendation, and Women’s Transcendation. See Calendar for our upcoming events.

Also, our facilitators are available for Individual and/or Dyadic Transcendation. These unique sessions are billed by the minute.Typically, sessions run 40 to 50 minutes – allowing us to work organically and are fully customized to you.


Ideal for couples (and available to individuals or groups) is Dyadic Transcendation – two facilitators coaching in one session! The powerful combination of Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine weave together magically to embody the axiom: two heads are often better than one. Together, we will be upleveling and strengthening all types of relationships while igniting more intimacy.

KarunaDera and Prasad helped my partner and I feel heard, seen, validated and understood by one another. They guided us in heart opening experientials that left my partner and I feeling a deeper heart connection and understanding of each other’s needs and desires. I highly recommend Souls Enterprise to any couple seeking to get quick and effective results through the safe non-judgmental space they provide.
~ C & E

What Will You Experience?

Each Transcendation session is unique. You’ll be in a nourishing and supportive coaching environment where you are viewed as a whole – nothing within you needs to be fixed. We will encourage and challenge you to connect to the core of who you are to live a limitless life. Potential benefits include:

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Direct relationship and communication with Source
  • Greater ability to set and enforce boundaries
  • Increased income
  • Experience fulfilling relationships where your needs are met
  • Managing career transitions
  • Trauma resolution
  • Freedom from unwanted patterns
  • Peace of mind and vibrant health
  • Ease and flow in every area of life

Ma Yog “KarunaDera”

Ma Yog Karuna = Osho sannyasin name meaning Mother Unity of Compassion in Tibetan
Dera = Discipleship name meaning Destiny in an African dialect

KarunaDera specializes in helping spiritual women and sexual abuse survivors thrive with unshakeable confidence by connecting fully with the body, reclaiming the mind, and activating the light of the spirit.

Affectionately known as “la KuranDera” (healer) or “KD” for short, she was born in Mexico City and migrated to Southern California at age four. Her first memories are scenes of abuse and dysfunction weaved in with a lively and rich cultural heritage of devotion, connection, musica y mole!

KarunaDera began her search for meaning and God-dess at the early age of fifteen, when a native medicine man crashed into her dream world. At twenty-one, she hit rock bottom when she was arrested for drinking and driving. Realizing that transgenerational trauma and familial patterns were blocking her from experiencing what she really wanted in life, Karuna invested in therapy, coaching and grounded herself deep in spirituality.

She graduated from the University of Michigan with a Psychology degree in 2006 and led crisis intervention teams to help underserved communities throughout Los Angeles County for over five years. Karuna also studied with a myriad of world-renowned authors and speakers, including Bob Proctor and Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith. Karuna has spent over a decade immersed in research and healing, including apprenticeships in communes, ashrams and global communities with a spiritual foundation and focus on freedom.

Swami Gyanmitra Prem Prasad

Swami Gyanmitra Prem Prasad has devoted his life to exploring, mastering, and sharing modalities of healing, attainment and liberation. Gyanmitra (“wise friend”) is a name bestowed by an ancient Indian Rishi (Agasthiya), and Prem Prasad (“loving gift of the master”) is from an Osho sannyasin initiation.

His certifications include Conscious Uncoupling, Breathwork (Pranayama Yoga), Gottman Method, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Prasad is/has been mentored by Mariana Caplan, Gage Gorman, Swami Kaleshwar, Sri Allen Feldman, and draws from his lifetimes of apprenticeships with numerous Masters.

Furthermore, his work is influenced by deep immersions in Christianity, Buddhism, 12 steps, Psychotherapy (emphasizing transpersonal, trauma release [somatic and EMDR], and Enneagram), Constellation Healing, Psychedelics, Scientological Auditing, Shamanism, Hinduism (Advaita Vedanta, Neo-Tantra, Yogas, Sai Shakti healing), Men’s Work, Nonviolent Communication, and PACT couples work.

Swami Gyanmitra Prem Prasad has been called a cosmic cowboy, a master life coach, a guide, a devotee, a friend, an enemy, a teacher, a student. He prefers to be called a journeyman.


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“In just one meeting, I feel like I found my [spiritual] home. I can’t believe how much I can share with everyone here! I really miss you when I don’t attend.” Anna, UK