Written By Prasad

Before every offering, we Invoke, which is defined as:
— the act of calling upon a deity, spirit, etc., for aid, protection, inspiration, or the like; supplication.
— any petitioning or supplication for help or aid.
— a form of prayer invoking God’s presence, especially one said at the beginning of a religious service or public ceremony.

Invocations have a long history – intuitively it can be felt as possibly the oldest, simplest form of prayer: invoking before a hunt, or invoking to find food & water sources. Invoking before important meetings, events, rituals… We revel in the beauty and grace of supplication – not some unhealthy pattern of giving our power away – but the devotional act of surrender, bowing to and joining with something greater than us.

Additionally, as inspired, there will be special Invocations – like the Darkroom Deepening Discussions, which spontaneously occurred as Prasad was integrating his 12 day darkroom retreat.
Each and every Invocation is spontaneous, alive. Most of all: co-created. One of our highest values is collaboration. For anyone interested in facilitating, leading an Invocation is a great starting point — we warmly invite you to contact us.

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“In just one meeting, I feel like I found my [spiritual] home. I can’t believe how much I can share with everyone here! I really miss you when I don’t attend.” Anna, UK