Linguistic Disclaimers

Written By Prasad

Let’s start off with a contradiction (one part of true spiritual life is embracing the contradictory nature of the majority of this existence. Nothing remains constant here. Or permanent. From a high enough perspective, just about everything gets blurry. Those who strive for consistency will dwindle their precious life energy away). Or, if you prefer, a zen koan:

Precision is a necessity; Precision is an impossibility.

When communicating, it is vitally important to express fully and with clarity, and – to the extent possible – succinctly. Word choice is paramount to strengthening our relating, or at a minimum, to convey our message. For example: every word in this blog is specifically chosen, there are revisions upon revisions. We strive to impart something – to share something of value.

We use many words at Souls Enterprise to express the unnamable. They are – for the most part – interchangeable: source, god, truth, reality, higher power, holy spirit, etc. It is extremely important to not get hung up on word choice when attempting to discuss things such as lofty as soul, essence, divinity, the sacred. None of these are accurate to describe, and frequently are not sufficient to express the enormity of what is being discussed. For some of us, certain words can be triggering, tapping into old unpleasant memories.

All is welcome at Souls Enterprise. More important than what exact words we are saying is what we experiencing. The exploration beyond concepts. Drilling down or soaring up into what is truly alive for us.

We will engage both parts of this contradiction at Souls Enterprise. Mercilessly and tirelessly striving for correctness with the exact word. Simultaneously, surrendering into the knowing that that which is most important is impossible to express in mere words.

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