What’s In A Name

Written By Prasad

Both KarunaDera and Prasad have gone through multiple names in this lifetime. There is a significance and importance to how we identify ourselves and present in the world. For example, if you name your daughter Ellen or Hillary, she will have a very different experience than if you name her Tiffany or Shaniqua (to be very clear, we don’t have any preference of any of these names, we are just commenting on the judgmentalness of unenlightened humans). Or an extreme example: one man single-handedly destroyed the ability to use the name Adolf.

We spent many weeks exploring hundreds upon hundreds of word choices, and hours of meditation to come to the proper and perfect name: Souls Enterprise.

Also, as we prefer to do before any big decision – and encourage everyone to do when possible – we consulted professionals. Our friends at Kabalarians.com have an entire spiritual science based on naming, and we recommend consulting them before any naming decision you’re facing (ie. name change, birth of a child, etc.).

We are delighted to share the naming report they sent:

6 Business Names Analyzed

(Business Name #1: Souls Enterprise
Please note: Congratulations! You have chosen an excellent name for your company.
If the name analysed is the full legal name of the company the word, words or letters used to refer to it everyday will alter the strength of the name. Please feel free to contact us for an analysis of the shortened name.
This name creates a company that will attract opportunities for growth and financial success. It will be able to organize and direct its business opportunities to bring them to successful conclusions.

This name promotes an influence of stability and responsibility. There is a strong recognition of the need for structure and systems and it will be relatively easy to create an organized environment. There is also an awareness of the need for creativity and looking at new ideas to keep up with the market place but changes will be approached in a systematic way. The decision making process will be good, neither jumping too quickly nor being too cautious. Everything will be well planned. There is a professionalism that will be apparent in all aspects of the company’s business. This engenders trust and allows this company to attract the bigger opportunities in its industry.

Employees will find the company will treat them fairly. There will be an attitude of what is “fair” for everyone involved in the company, staff, management and clients, in light of wanting to create success for the company. There is a serious quality to the name that will help attract those who are more serious in their attitudes towards work which will benefit the company as employees will tend to stay long term. This name will attract stable, successful types of people who can offer your company good opportunities for progress.

This name allows the company to create a professional, inviting environment in which clients will feel comfortable sensing they will receive the best that the company can offer.

It is an excellent name for any business. With the usual amount of effort and dedication that goes into a business by the owners it will attract opportunities for long term success and create remuneration for the efforts put forth.

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