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Exchange, Part 1: Overview

Written By Prasad

We are in a universe that is based upon exchange (yes, there are realms beyond/without exchange, but that is outside the scope of this article). For simplicity, let’s define exchange as the flow of energy between beings.

As relational beings, we are constantly giving and receiving. We have and use numerous ways to quantify this – to measure exchange.

Naturally, a majority of our exchanging goes unnoticed. For example, very rarely do we consider the numerous interactions that make breathing possible (airways preparing, muscles expanding and contracting, cilia cleansing, etc.). A lot of relating/exchange for us is on autopilot (not a problem, just something to acknowledge) – and slowing down some of these processes during meditation can yield amazing results.

Money-and the financial systems that developed from it-is an attempt to streamline and bring ease to some of our human exchanges.

What’s vitally important is to examine and review our assumptions, conditionings, and habits around exchange. We are all massively conditioned by our parents & family, society, advertising, peers, and of course: karmic patterning (an in-depth exploration of this coming soon).

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